Evolving badges

Evolving badges (Badge series)

These are digital badges that change based on the recipient's activities or achievements. Instead of issuing a whole badge, an organization can issue holobytes (progress points) towards an evolving badge. As the recipient accumulates holobytes, the badge's image changes to reflect their progress. Evolving badges can be thought of as a "tamagochi-like experience," as the recipient must engage in ongoing activities in order to advance their badge and unlock new levels or achievements.

Evolving badges are well-suited for recognizing ongoing or cumulative achievements.

For example, an organization might issue points or progress indicators towards a dynamic badge to recognize ongoing participation in a program or to track progress towards a long-term goal. As the recipient accumulates points or meets certain criteria, the badge's image changes to reflect their progress. This can provide a sense of accomplishment and motivation for the recipient to continue participating and achieving.