Slack Integration


Follow the instructions on (opens in a new tab)


Once you're done installing the Slack integration, you'll already have completed most of the configuration! Now, you can use it with Holobytes right off the bat, or you can create Shortcuts for badges you want to award from within Slack, or even change the little icon on the Holobyte your awardees receive!


There are three main ways to use Holopin on Slack: Slash commands, from within messages or from the context menu.

For slach commands, the arguments each take are as follows. Arguments wrapped in [] are optional, and those wrapped in <> are required:

  • /badge <recipient> <shortcut>
  • /holobyte <recipient> [reason]

To award from within messages, it's the same syntax but instead of prefixing it with a forward slash (/), you mention the bot. Another tidbit is that the awardee (a.k.a. recipient) can be mentioned anywhere in the message and it'll still work.

For example:

@rphi thanks for helping me debug this issue! @holopin-bot holobyte very helpful In the example, the recipient is @rphi, the command being run is holobyte and the reason for awarding the holobyte is very helpful.

If you're more of a mouse fan, you can also award Holobytes with very few clicks by going in the three-dots menu that appears when you hover a message and clicking on Award holobyte, providing a reason (if you want to), and then bam! The Holobyte gets transfered to the recipient.


Errors while awarding

If awarding isn't working, you'll want to try using the slash command instead. It's more verbose with errors, so it'll be easier to debug. If things still aren't going your way, open an issue on our integration support repo (opens in a new tab) with more details about the problems you're facing.

Last updated on February 28, 2024