Holopin Discord Bot

A Holopin integration fine-crafted for Discord, to ease the use of Holopin within your community.


Go to this page (opens in a new tab) and follow the instructions shown to add Holopin to your Discord server.


Before you can use the bot, you'll need to:

  • Have a Holopin account
  • Connect your Holopin account to Discord: this can be done through the accounts page (opens in a new tab) on Holopin.
  • Be a member of an organization: You'll have to ask the organization owner to add you to it.


Arguments wrapped in <> are required, while those wrapped in [] are optional.

  • /board <username> - Get a user's badge board and show it within Discord
  • /badges <username> - Get a list of the user's badges
  • /award <organization> <badge> <recipient> - Award a badge to a user
  • /holobyte <organization> <recipient> [icon] - Award a Holobyte to a user (icon defaults to cherry!)

List of commands as shown in Discord


Start by typing / followed by the name of a command, i.e. award, and fill out the options as you see fit. Once you're done, you can submit it by pressing enter.

Awarding a badge

Last updated on October 6, 2023